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    To specify all questions related to the cost of services, please call 111.

    There are no “random” people in the center “LODE” on Gikalo, 1, as in other branches of the medical center. Qualified people with dozens of years of practical experience work here in all areas.

    “LODE” specialists at Gikalo, 1 provide a wide range of services in the following directions:

    • Pediatrics (orthopedics, surgery, allergology, dentistry, urology, gynecology, otolaryngology, endocrinology, neurology, speech therapy, cardiology)
    • Cosmetology
    • Psychotherapy
    • X-ray diagnostics and ultrasound
    • Laboratory service
    • Dentistry (all types of services)
    • and etc.

    The largest, at the moment, pediatric department of “LODE” center provides various types of preventive, consultative, diagnostic and medical assistance to children.

    Special programs for children:

    • “Healthy baby” (child care up to 1 year)
    • “Personal pediatrician” (comprehensive annual service)
    • Comprehensive surveys in narrow areas
    • Medical examinations before school and nursery school


    “LODE”: taking care of the main thing.

    I want to thank Kalyada Elena Sergeevna (pediatric dentist) for her high professionalism and sensitive attitude to children. The best children's doctor!!! And once again the pediatric dentist Hubedzhova Victoria Ambrosievna grieves! She is absolutely not a children's dentist!
    I want to express my gratitude to Natalya Vladimirovna Belyaeva, the children's otorhinolaryngologist, and Lyubov Nikolayevna Lukashova, the nurse, for their warm attitude to the child and professionalism. My troublesome 5-month-old girl, who rarely tolerates any procedures and manipulations without crying, was examined quickly and quietly, without crying and screaming. It was not my first visit here, and I was always satisfied. And I'm goinig to visit only this clinic. Thanks you!
    I would like to thank Arkady Vladimirovich Potroynoy, a surgeon, for competent advice and professional work on removing a mole. I liked very much relaxed and pleasant atmosphere during the operation. Afterwards, the doctor instructed how to behave properly, what needs to be done, and answered all my questions. I was very pleased with the work of the doctor and the result afterwards!
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    Минск, Minsk, Gikalo st., 1
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    Ploshad' Ya.Kolasa
    Allergist, Immunologist, Cardiologist, Speech therapist, Neurologist, Nephrologist, Oncologist, Orthopedist, Otolaryngologist, Ophthalmologist, Pediatrician, Traumatologist, Urologist, Endocrinologist
    Clinical diagnostics
    Laboratory diagnosis, X-ray examination, Ultrasound diagnostics, Fluorography, Electrocardiography, The comprehensive body examination (CBE), PCR diagnostics for infectious diseases, Densitometry

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